Office of Student Success and Analytics (OSSA)

SBI Student Success Mission

The mission of the Office of Student Success and Analytics (OSSA), in unison with the School of Business and Industry and Florida A&M University, is to offer seamless student services and resources, while promoting the advancement of knowledge, student development, critical thinking and professionalism. The OSSA strives to provide the highest quality of academic advisement and retention programming that facilitate student success throughout our undergraduate, professional, and graduate programs to enhance their service to society.

  • To this end, SBI advisors (1) help students recognize and pursue their passions; (2) challenge students to set realistic academic and life goals to ensure personal success; (3) empower students to think and act creatively and independently; and (4) help students understand their role in all of their advising relationships to enable them to form productive advising partnerships.
  • SBI professional advisors endeavor to work closely with all relevant offices across the campus to create an integrated resolution centered advising experience for students as they grow intellectually, socially, and professionally at FAMU. 
  • SBI OSSA shall assess, analyze, and evaluate its work continuously to determine ways to grow along with its constituent population.
  • Ultimately, it is our mission to help students navigate through the college environment and graduate all while becoming the best possible versions of themselves.


We will be a trusted and indispensable source of knowledge and support for all SBI students and a widely emulated and technologically advanced model of advising excellence across the nation and around the globe.


We value the pursuit of higher learning by our students and we strive to help them reach their goals.

We show respect for each other, our students, and all University Employees.

We provide a resolution-centered approach to solving the problems that arise with our students.

We pursue growth and learning opportunities and embrace technological changes and advancements that will enhance our office capabilities.

We have a zero tolerance policy for disrespect from our students and we are all on one accord with this mindset.




Students studying at the School of Business and Industry
Students studying at the School of Business and Industry


Core Duties/Responsibilities

(Note:  The Office of Student Services is a collective body of the following areas:  Academic Support Services, Office of Admissions/Recruitment and Office of Academics).

  • Process Admission Documents
  • Relay Admission Decision to Applicants
  • Facilitate Student Orientations
  • Academic Advisement
  • Maintenance of Student Academic Records
  • Track Individual Student Academic Progress
  • Process Change of Major Forms
  • Verify, Approve, and Distribute Absence Excuses
  • Facilitate the Internal and External Processing of Grade Changes
  • Liaise with various campus entities (Housing, Registration, Admission, Student Financial Aid) to problem solve student matters
  • Process and present student Academic Appeals to University’s Academic Appeals Committee
  • Prepare Graduate Status Audits
  • Prepare/Update Graduation Audit
  • Prepare Graduation Certifications for the Registrar’s Office
  • Plan/Coordinate Campus Visits
  • Develop Recruitment Plans and Strategies
  • Plan and Coordinate Recruiting Trips and Participation in College Fairs
  • Track, Identify, and Follow-up with Qualified Students for Scholarships
  • Develop Academic Course Schedule in Coordination with Office of Academics
  • Process Academic Operations Support Documentation (e.g. graduate status, DIS, grievance, and course withdrawals)
  • Maintain and update SBI course offerings