Corporate Partners

Over the past three decades, SBI has remained close to the changing demands of business and industry throughout the world.  Strong relationships with firms in both private and public sectors continue to support our mission in a way that makes SBI a special place for both our students and the multitude of organizations that hire them.  We strive to cultivate mutually beneficial working relationships, offering one of the most talented student bodies in the country as well as a faculty committed to excellence in teaching and research of impact.

Contact the Director of Corporate Relations and Alumni Affairs to learn about opportunities for involvement:

  • Corporate Visits (Forum and Key Executive Series)
  • Guest Lectures & Seminars
  • Live Case Studies
  • Faculty Research & Internships
  • Consulting Opportunities
  • Giving to SBI        

The SBI Big Board

Each plaque on the SBI Big Board displays the logo of a major contributor and represents a substantial grant by the firm and matching funds by the State of Florida. There are 101 plaques on the Big Board yielding annual scholarship funds for SBI’s high-achieving students.
Alumni Testimonials

Perhaps the most meaningful blessing that I received because of my experience at FAMU and SBI has been the network of friends (including fellow classmates and professors) that has sustained me over the past twenty plus years... they have connected me with a broader network that has been a tremendously valuable source of information and opportunity.

- Greg Deavens, SBI Alumnus