Internship and Residencies

Students in the Bachelor of Science programs and the One-Year MBA program are strongly encouraged to complete internships and residencies prior to graduation. Students in the Professional MBA program are required to complete three residencies/internships. Students will be provided with the sequence of their residencies during the freshman year to allow students to plan ahead for course availability and make certain that professional development courses are taken in the correct sequence. Students must complete two residencies/internships prior to enrolling in "5000 level" course work.


Iris Young-Clark, Ph.D.

Office of Career Development Services   
South Wing 324

Kelvin Farmer, Ph.D.

Relationship Manager
Internship and Career Professional Leadership Development Programs
South Wing 304

Internship and Residencies Information


We appreciate your continued support and partnership and look forward to connecting with you. While we are excited to be reunited with our corporate partners, the health and safety of our students, corporate guests, faculty, staff, and stakeholders remain paramount.

As University officials continue to monitor the state of the pandemic, SBI will be prepared to execute a modified engagement/recruitment plan based on any new guidelines deemed necessary.

SBI's repopulation plan includes 100% in-person delivery of courses unless otherwise predesignated. SBI’s engagement/recruitment activities will continue to be delivered based on a hybrid approach.

We wish that we could accommodate all engagement/recruitment requests; however, due to the tremendous volumes received, and to be equitable, one (1) student touchpoint per Career Partner is assigned on a first come, first served basis. Career Partners are strongly encouraged to opt for Waiting List placement if their requested date for a touchpoint session is not available or cannot otherwise be accommodated. The Waiting List will serve as the first source for selecting Career Partners to offer additional touchpoints if slots become available.

The steps to acknowledge your interest in building a partnership with the School of Business and Industry (SBI) first starts with completing an SBI Partnership Request.    

A completed SBI Partnership Request provides insight for understanding a Career Partner’s engagement and recruitment interest, level of commitment, and sponsorship. An internal review of the SBI Partnership Request will be followed by an introductory meeting coordinated by the SBI Office of Career Development Services. This will be followed by several SBI Leadership Team meetings to discuss strategies and implementation. 

In general, Career Partners should strongly consider a minimum three (3) year partnership commitment. It is our goal to develop long-term relationships with Career Partners who are mutually beneficial and grow over time. 

SBI Partnership Request Form 

Every SBI Career Partner must have a Rattler’S BIzLink account (powered by Simplicity). Upon receipt of the SBI Engagement and Recruitment Initiation, and before the deadline, please use the link to make your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd touchpoint choices.  

SBI Engagement and Recruitment Initiation will be released at the following designated timeframes:

  • Late July/Early August for upcoming Fall Semester
  • Late November/Early December for upcoming Spring Semester

The Season kicks off with an in-person Career Partner Showcase on Thursday, September 22, 2022; Season concludes on Thursday, November 10, 2022, with no other activities until the Spring semester!

Engagement/Recruitment activities WILL NOT OCCUR on any Friday, nor during homecoming week, October 24-27, 2022.

SBI Waiting List

At this time, SBI will only host the following student touchpoints:            

  • SBI Career Partner Showcase (onsite/virtual)   
  • Information Session (onsite/virtual)      
  • Tabling (onsite, Wednesdays only)

Career partner must coordinate directly with instructor/professor:

  • Classroom Presentations (onsite/virtual)
  • Corporate-to-Classroom Presentations (onsite/virtual)

Student Touchpoints Descriptions

Virtual/On-site classroom visits with targeted student classification or majors must be arranged directly with each instructor/professor.

All internships and/or full-time opportunities must be advertised using Rattler’S BIzLink powered by Simplicity or Handshake. Due to our University’s Confidentiality Policy, no student data (i.e., name, classification, major, GPA, transcript, email address, telephone number, etc.) can be provided in the form of lists.

It is the responsibility of the Career Partner/Employer to post, receive/screen applicants, schedule interviews, interview, make selections, and notify applicants of decisions. Due to our University’s Confidentiality Policy, no student data (i.e., name, classification, major, GPA, transcript, email address, telephone number, etc.) can be provided in the form of lists. 


Exclusively in SBI, we use Rattler’S BIzLink as our career management system. Each Career Partner must have an active account to receive SBI Engagement and Recruitment Invitations and to post opportunities. To request a Rattler’S BIzLink account use the link below.    

Rattler’S BIzLink Account Request

We are very appreciative of your interest in wanting to share general announcements with our students. General announcement content can no longer be edited or revised for circulation purposes. Announcement content must be received distribution ready in the format of an announcement, flyer, or one-page pdf, within a 2-week advance notice.

SBI students will be strongly encouraged to attend non-SBI hosted touchpoint(s). In addition, a 2-weeks advance notice of activities or events must be provided to SBI in the form of a digital flyer, announcement or invitation to be shared with students.

The best approach to access student organizations is through the designated Advisor for the organization. Student Organization Advisor information can be found at ( Traditionally, this information is available once an organization has been granted approval to function.