Career Development Services

The Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), School of Business and Industry (SBI) seeks to form and develop strategic collaborative partnerships with career partners. SBI was established in 1974 to prepare talented students from around the world to not only survive, but to thrive in a competitive global marketplace. Our students are technically savvy and business-minded individuals who excel and bring diverse approaches to all industries.   

Our success can be measured by our ability to transform students’ lives through an economy-proof educational program that continues to produce graduates that prosper as future leaders in global business and industries worldwide.   

We continuously aspire to be recognized nationally and internationally as a preeminent center for excellence in business.  

Iris Young-Clark, Ph.D.

Office of Career Development Services   
South Wing 324

Kelvin Farmer, Ph.D.

Relationship Manager
Internship and Career
Professional Leadership Development Programs

South Wing 304


SBI best approaches to partnering, engaging, and recruiting our top talent for internships as well as full-time career opportunities are below.

We strongly encourage you to learn more by clicking each tab (+) below: 



Career and Development Services


We are especially grateful for each company's interest and unwavering desire to engage and recruit our students within the School of Business and Industry (SBI) at Florida A&M University (FAMU). Please review our School of Business and Industry (SBI), Partnership Engagement and Recruitment approach below.

We sincerely encourage new representatives to place your company on our waiting list and request a SBI Rattler’S BIzLink account powered by Simplicity. This is the best way to collectively capture your interest for future reconnections and to receive access to post opportunities.  

Thanks in advance for your understanding and patience. 

SBI Partnership Engagement and Recruitment (Click Here!)

SBI Waiting List

Every SBI Career Partner must have a Rattler’S BIzLink account (powered by Simplicity). Upon receipt of the SBI Engagement and Recruitment Initiation, and before the deadline, please use the link to make your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd touchpoint choices.  

School of Business and Industry (SBI), Partnership Engagement and Recruitment Initiation will be released at the following designated timeframes:

  • Late July/Early August for upcoming Fall Semester
  • Late November/Early December for upcoming Spring Semester

Note: Your current SBI Partnership status will determine which touchpoints are available to your company.

The Season kicks off with an In-Person Career Partner Showcase on Thursday, September 26, 2024; Season concludes on Thursday, November 7, 2024, with no other activities until the Spring semester!    

Engagement/Recruitment activities WILL NOT OCCUR on any Fridays, nor during. Homecoming Week, October 28-November 1, 2024.     


At this time, SBI will only host the following student touchpoints:            

  • SBI Career Partner Showcase (onsite)*  
  • Information Session (onsite)*      
  • Tabling (onsite, Wednesdays only)

Career partner must coordinate directly with instructor/professor:

  • Classroom Presentations (onsite)*
  • Corporate-to-Classroom Presentations (onsite)*

*Virtual modality is at SBI discretion.

Student Touchpoints Descriptions


Virtual/On-site classroom visits with targeted student classification or majors must be arranged directly with each instructor/professor.

It is the responsibility of the Career Partner/Employer to post, receive/screen applicants, schedule interviews, interview, make selections, and notify applicants of decisions. Due to the University’s confidentiality policy (FERPA), no student data (i.e., name, classification, major, GPA, transcript, email address, telephone number, etc.) can be provided in the form of lists. 

Please refer to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) by visiting the following link: FERPA Document


All internships and/or full-time opportunities must be advertised using Rattler’S BIzLink powered by Simplicity or Handshake. Due to our University’s Confidentiality Policy, no student data (i.e., name, classification, major, GPA, transcript, email address, telephone number, etc.) can be provided in the form of lists.

Exclusively in SBI, we use Rattler’S BIzLink as our career management system. Each Career Partner must have an active account to receive School of Business and Industry (SBI), Partnership Engagement and Recruitment Invitations and to post opportunities. To request a Rattler’S BIzLink account use the link below.    

Rattler’S BIzLink Account Request

Partnership, engagement, and recruitment within SBI adheres to a structured process determined by partnership status and feasibility for all career partners. Unfortunately, we cannot facilitate the scheduling or coordination of classroom visits, activities, or event requests for student ambassadors. Despite this limitation, student ambassadors have the autonomy to independently solicit, organize and host activities or events with their peers, relying solely on their own efforts. However, the use of on-campus space or catering must comply with university policies, processes, and procedures. 

SBI has adopted the University’s policy on Employment of Related Persons as it relates to Internships for Academic Credit.

Employment of Related Persons

We are very appreciative of your interest in wanting to share general announcements with our students. General announcement content can no longer be edited or revised for circulation purposes. Announcement content must be received distribution ready in the format of an announcement, flyer, or one-page pdf, within a 2-week advance notice.

SBI students will be strongly encouraged to attend non-SBI hosted touchpoint(s). In addition, a 2-weeks advance notice of activities or events must be provided to SBI in the form of a digital flyer, announcement or invitation to be shared with students.

The best approach to access student organizations is through the designated Advisor for the organization. Student Organization Advisor information can be found at ( Traditionally, this information is available once an organization has been granted approval to function.