12 Reasons to Join SBI

Top 12 Reasons to Join SBI At Florida A&M University

For nearly four decades, Florida A&M University (FAMU) School of Business and Industry (SBI) has pursued its LEADERSHIP niche.  Today, there are leaders across the global spectrum of businesses and industries, as well as organizations at the national, state, and community levels that wear the “SBI brand!”  In comparison to other b-schools, SBI offers the 12 following reasons to join us:

  1. Mentoring: Our smaller class sizes and favorable faculty-to-student ratio foster the academic enrichment and peer bonding of our students.
  2. Academic Preparation: SBI offers award-winning academic preparation. This is evidenced by our history of student-team national accounting, marketing, business plan, and MBA case study competition wins against other elite b-schools.
  3. International Exposure: Whether it is an internship or studying abroad, SBI encourages our students to become global leaders by providing opportunities to train across international borders.
  4. Interactive Curriculum: Our curriculum methodology is based on corporate relations with hundreds of organizations, which provide student-networking opportunities with corporate executives.
  5. Professional Leadership Training: SBI goes beyond textbook curriculum to train our students to exude professional sophistication and demonstrate industry acumen.
  6. Paid Internships: SBI offers challenging and rewarding 3-month, 8-month, and 1-year long domestic and international internships to expand students’ professional experience. 
  7. Relationship Building: After developing their networking skills through a series of interviews, close-ups, forums, and TV-tapings, our students secure life-long personal and professional relationships with key executives in the civic, corporate, and academic community.
  8. Competent Faculty: Over 90% of SBI faculty members have Ph.D. degrees, which demonstrate their breadth of knowledge, research experience, and educational commitment.
  9. Strong Alumni Network: Our SBI Alumni Network, also known as the SBI Force, is an asset. Alumni provide mentoring, internship placement, and leads to career opportunities for current students.
  10. Post Graduation Opportunities: Whether your heart is set on corporate America or entrepreneurial endeavors or furthering your education, SBI graduates have a reputation for receiving permanent jobs, as well as obtaining admissions to graduate school programs.
  11. Brand Recognition: The “SBI Brand” is recognized worldwide.
  12. Family: We are more than a school. “We are family!”